Saturday, January 1

HaPpY nEw YeAr

happy new year guys!!! this is the first entry for this new what is your 'azam' for this new year huh?...same like the past year or all of you done it. If it is done successfully, congratulation!!! er? my azam? EARN MONEY AS MUCH AS I CAN. For me, i have an "azam" everyday, more specific and have lead time. So, the usaha to achieve the azam is more narrow down and may be reach according to my ability to done it successfully.

But, why i want to EARN MONEY AS MUCH AS I CAN for this year??? erm, for me (repeat phrase), if we have money, all that we wish will come that true? yes, i agreed that money can't buy anything, but with money, people can buy "anything". For Example, if i wanna a car this year...if im jobless, no money in accounts, may the "azam" come true? nope right?

However, it depends on personal perception regarding the "azam". Im not the person that have 'hati teguh', that's why i have an 'azam' not so sure that i can focus on an azam with no specific azam.

And, for this coming new year, i got new task from my bos, huhuhu...interesting yet exciting, erm...really hope i can do it, as my bos wish..INSYAALLAH!!!


see ya!!

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