Tuesday, March 10

Ice Skating....

Salam buat semua yang selalu mengikuti perkembngan blog aku ni...terima kasih byk2...kali ni aku nk citer pasal sukan ice skating...before that lets check it out bout this sport.
Ice skating is moving on ice by use of ice skates. It can be done for a variety of reasons, including leisure, traveling, and various sports. Ice skating occurs both on specially prepared indoor and outdoor tracks, as well as on naturally occurring bodies of frozen water such as lakes and rivers.
Sukan ni pon ade bhya nyer tau...jgn tk tau...
The first main danger in ice skating is falling on the ice, which is dependent on the quality of the ice surface, the design of the ice skate, and the skill and experience of the skater. While serious injury is rare, a number of (short track) skaters have been paralysed after a fall when they hit the boarding. An additional danger of falling is injury caused by the skater's own metal blades or those of other skaters. Falling can be fatal if a helmet is not worn to protect against serious head trauma. (see...so jgn seronok2 je tau)

The second, and more serious, danger is falling through the ice into the freezing water underneath when skating outdoors on a frozen body of water. This can lead to serious injury or death due to shock, hypothermia or drowning. It is often difficult or impossible for skaters to climb out of the water back onto the ice due to the ice repeatedly breaking, the skater being weighed down by skates and thick winter clothing, or the skater becoming disoriented under water. The skater may even not be able to find the hole he fell through. This may result in drowning or hypothermia, but the rapid cooling can also create a state in which someone can be revived up to hours after having fallen in the water.
erm...camne ada bran??
oklh, bercerita pasal ice skating..aku pn dh berpengalamn lh gak men benda alah ni...tp baru je mggu lpas pegi...well..i'm so excited...but then smpi sana, belum pape aku dh jatuh bertubi2 diatas ice...tkpelah...dh mcm mndi sungai je...kuyup...tp still kuatkan semngat nk cuba gak...baru aku tau masalh kasut yg longgar mnyebabkan aku tk dpt berdiri tegak dan itu gak lh yg buat aku kerap kali jatuh tnpa dpt mngimbangi badan aku...heheheh...sengal sungguh...buat teman2 yg pergi bersama...korg mmg best and sporting...yipi!!! these are some pic yg kami snap2 kat sana...adios>>>
untuk kome yg berminat nak gi men ice skating kat sunway piramid ni ada price untuk info korg>>>>
weekdays >>>RM 13
Saturday & Sunday>>>RM 18
Public Holiday & school Holiday>>>RM21
then, korg kena lah bawak socks ngan glove...kalo tkde...kat sane pon leh beli..


  1. boleh je...tp ko belanja

  2. KeDeKut ToL Mr AwIs..Hahahaha..DeRma2 La Sket..

  3. Darah aku tak derma, apatah lagi duit...ahahahahaha~


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