Thursday, February 24


Today is very hard day for me..many works to's normal right for career gurl like me...ngee sholud be woman there, but im not married yet, so i cant be a girl too. i do love and like my job, with a supportive leader and assistant, it make me feeling happy to go to work. But, a certain people here make me like to smackdown them into pieces. Wargh....i can be a monster too!!! People might said that you not doing my job, how would you know my burden? Hmmm, the question im giving back to them, you too not doing my job. Did you know my burden? To all my friends out there that from same field like me, that might build a career as information proffesional in the company that do not know that our field is existed, just be ready to be blame and underestimate. I can feeling right now. I dont want to make you feeling scare, just be prepared. Anything may happen. People will think you are not right, you know nothing and so on. Right now im still in the office, not to tell people that im the only person work at this time. Just to make know that how them leave the responsible to me to do such thing for them to be settle on time. ok fine, i do it. But, next time u want it faster, u do it faster. Dont blame me for thing that u MUST do. Thanks you MR. N for being understanding and keep back up me when they blame on me.


  1. chillax k didie.. hehe. nice blog, i like it :)

  2. thank u awis....

    yup miss sheyla...keje mmg tkkan abis , never ending stories..except we resign...nga3


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