Sunday, October 31

It's my besday!!!

today is my birthday, the 24th birthday..ha3.but, im still feel that im 17!! unmatured at all. the first wished is came from my exhousemate. thanks a lot dear, then followed by a lotz of friends and cousinz that remember my besday...huhu3

however, it's very lonely birthday, im alone at home, nobody here. ALL OF THEM!!! uwaaaaaa......and its more 'sadis' my teddy bear not wish me yet. Suppose he will be the first one to wish me rite?? Maybe, his calendar is not 31st October yet. Majuk!!!!

i have a dream last nite, sweet dream. very sweet dream, i got a lotz of suprises from family and friends. and i got a lotz of prizes too.. yeay!!!

when it's turn to 24, there much more question abot married came fro relatives and friends...haha3 tak sedia lagi lah...nnt lah ye..peace no war a lotz o thanks for all wishes...emmmuahhhh..

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