Thursday, August 12

Fell soooooooo good....

yesterday was the first day of ramadhan, and it's the time the muslim rest the tummy from digestion food in the day. Actually, i want to tell all viewer that im feel so good today coz of hmmm my cute bunny that make some jealousy of being ignore by me..HAhahahah. it's the first time in three years he was 'merajuk' coz im not text him for the whole day...for the time being, im the only person that keep asking why he not text me while working even once, know the time to pay the revenge. Bukan lh dendam pun, just to make him know what i feel when he ignoring me for the whole day, or even a week. Sory dear, im not doing it on purpose okay! I'm really busy yesterday with the family...first day of ramadhan right??? wink, wink, wink!....lalalalala... FEELING SO GOOD... and im not realize that im walking to office with smile and bright eyes on my face until im wrote this entry. huhuhu....but im already 'pujuk' him with very good morning kisses on the phone and he really 'manja' @ ngada2...heheheheh...FIN.

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