Thursday, March 14


Edward make me envy with Bella
An entry about Twilight Saga. I am really sure all fictions movies fans really known about this vampire wolf series of movies. Me? I am in too!! Just now. I never thought this kind of movies is really awesome as I was always falls asleep when I was trying to catch with Harry Potter magic-magic things movies. LOL. Kind of boring cause I really can't adapt with the storyline. But, I change my views of this kind of movies after stick with the twilight series for 2 days none stop!!. Lucky me that I found it online so, I can watch all twilight movies starting from the first one. And now i can feel the same curious as all others fans did. Maybe, after twilight, I'll trying to adapt with the Harry Potter movies. Pity to my fiancee, I never going watch Harry Potter movies with him. I just can't. But, there are something really make me wondering if its real. How the wolves keep their shirt and pants while they became the wolves as all the wear will tore when they become the wolves. Hihihihi. And for the vampires family, I thought they may have to nomad cause peoples around them will notice that they are not getting older. How a difficulties being vampire right?

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